Thursday 17 July 2008

My first video: creating a Hello World class in Squeak

Given the recent push to get Squeak video tutorials available, I decided to have a go myself. I took as my starting point my post from a few months back, intended to act as a quick introduction to developers coming to Squeak for the first time.
My first problem was to find a good screen capture utility. Unfortunately, Wink isn't available for OS X, but a bit of searching uncovered Snapz Pro X. Despite the terrible name, it's a very nice piece of software that makes recording video and screenshots very easy. It comes with a 14-day fully-functional trial, so if I get a taste for this, I may end up having to cough up the $69 soon. If anyone knows of other software I could use, please let me know.
You can view the video at, or find it in the new Squeak Smalltalk group that Randal Schwartz has set up. Have a look at the video and let me know what you think: too fast, too slow, too much like Ricky Gervais, whatever.


Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz said...


You can use Copernicus (free). Works for me.

Michael Davies said...

Hi Giuseppe,

Thanks for the recommendation, but when I checked out Copernicus I found that it doesn't record sound. Is there a way of dubbing a soundtrack onto your video after it has been created?

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz said...

Well, I used it only one time. The thing I did, was record the video, thinking on add audio later from iMovie, and the result, isn't too bad.